Smart Building

Driven by passion and the newest technologies, we bring buildings to life.

Aevus Smart Building

Aevus BI contributes to an optimal experience in and on the use of buildings. By applying ABI® (Artificial Building Intelligence) sensors in combination with the 3D building model (Digital Twin) the entire property is controlled and monitored based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with innovative forecasting models. In this way, Aevus BI turns every property into a Smart Building.

The system


Aevus BI wireless sensor technology can control everything in your building. This technology also provides the ability to implement alarms where needed.


Aevus BI has a comprehensive application suite for the operation and monitoring of all types of installations and systems. From small and simple to very large and complex.


With our own back office, all measured data is at your fingertips. The smart environment allows you to get all the information you need from your building at that moment. Anywhere, anytime.


The Aevus BI application is refined for each user in your building. Building owner, management and the users see what matters to them. On computer, phone or tablet.


With our Digital twin 3D BIM model, you can see at a glance how your building is doing. Whether it's energy consumption, climate, forecasting or room usage, everything is transparent.


Our sensors connect directly, but also with the well known management protocols, such as KNX, BACnet and Modbus. Through our intelligent sensors we localize all data from various sources.

3D Digital Twin – BIM
(Building Information Model)

All information at a glance in our 3D Digital Twin BIM model. All sensors send actual data to our external cloud and are visualized in the 3D Model.

Building together and continuously evolving. That's what Aevus and Triade do together. Not only our vision, but also our DNA is identical which makes it possible for us to act and continue to create as a unit.

W.A. de Bruin

Managing Director, Triade

"It is with great confidence that we look forward to the developments of this beautiful system."

M. van der Steen

CEO, TechnoTelematica

"Samen werken aan het nieuwe Aevus Smart Building Systeem door continu nieuwe componenten aan te sluiten. Zo komen we steeds dichterbij het volledig visualiseren en aansturen van een gebouw."

J. Tang

DGA, Universe Trading

Op basisschool 'De Ark' in Almere heeft firma Aevus Building Intelligence in alle klaslokalen van het schoolgebouw airconditioning aangebracht. Het pilot project is naar tevredenheid van de Stichting Prisma Almere uitgevoerd.

E. Woltjes

Adviseur Huisvesting, Stichting Prisma Almere